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Inc. – The Best Way to Learn from CEOs? Study Their Mistakes

Pipeline – The Criticality of SDN Analytics Data

Security Today – Hacked Off: 7 Ways to Protect Security Cameras from Hackers

SDxCentral – Packet Design Moves into the SDN Business

Entrepreneur – You’re a Real CEO When Your Company Is Bigger than Your Title

Security Magazine – Meta Security: Securing Your Security System with Automation

Austin American-Statesman – Software startup’s aim is to teach CEOs how to be CEOs

Entrepreneur – Just 3 Months In, GM CEO Mary Barra Faces a Career-Defining Storm

Forbes.com – The One Question Every CEO Needs to Answer

Austin Business Journal – Austin tech veteran Trammell launches latest software venture

Entrepreneur – How Leaders Can Find Their Mojo

Enterprise Networking Planet – SDN in the Enterprise: It’s the Applications, Stupid

Wired Innovation Insights – Revamping Network Management to Handle SDN

Network Computing – SDN Management: Risks And Challenges

Data Center Knowledge – Sticking Point: SDN Management Challenges

CIO Magazine – Portfolio Management Isn’t Just for IT Anymore

Forbes.com – How Do You Evaluate CEO Performance? 6 Ways To Grade The Chief

SearchSDN.com – Packet Design pivots route analytics toward wide area SDN

Network World – SDDCs doubling every year

U.S. News & World Report – Anniversary of the Great Recession: What’s Changed, What Hasn’t

CIO Review – Democratizing Portfolio Management Software for Business Gain

ZDNet – Planview brings modern UI/UX to Enterprise 11

Computerworld – Planview overhauls the look of its portfolio management software

ITBusinessEdge.com – SDNs: Misunderstood or Too Nebulous to Succeed?

Slashdot – Proto-SDN Managers Stressed By Weak Vendor Support

Enterprise Networking Planet – Open SDN is Not Worry-Free SDN


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